How to Share Your Calendar in Outlook 2013

NOTE: This will only work for sharing your calendar with other people within your organization.

  1. Open your calendar, then select “Share Calendar” in the ribbon.

    Share Calendar Step 1

  2. This will open a message to be sent to the person you’d like to share with.
    1. Enter their email address in the “To…” field.
    2. Under “Details,” select the amount of information that the recipient should be able to see.
      1. Availability Only is the most restrictive, they will only be able to see whether or not you have something scheduled at a given time with no visible details.
      2. Full Details will let them see the names of the appointments, who’s invited, and what the details of the appointment are. Share Calendar Step 2
  3. When finished, select Send. The recipient will receive an email inviting them to open your calendar.

If someone has invited you to view their clendar, you can quickly view it by browsing to your calendar. All available calendars will be listed in the left navigation panel.