Accessing Your MaxPro® Email from the Web

Open up a web browser and go to

Enter your Email address and Password and click Login. If you do not know your email address or password, please contact Switchfast Support for assistance.

Accessing Maxpro

This is the main interface for reading and composing emails. The left frame contains a list of mail folders, such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items and Trash. The center frame contains all of the messages in the selected folder and new messages are bolded. To read a message, click on the subject and the email will appear in the right frame.

Accessing Maxpro

You can create new folders by right-clicking on the Inbox folder, and selecting “New Folder.” To move messages to another folder, you can drag and drop them from the Inbox to any other folder.

To delete messages, check the box to the left of the message(s) you want to delete, then click the Delete button above the message.

The New button will allow you to create new emails.

The Contacts button on the left gives you access to your saved contacts.

The Calendar button on the left gives you access to a calendar.

Note that neither Contacts nor Calendar will synchronize with Outlook.

The Settings button allows you to personalize your webmail experience. Here you can set up such things as signatures, auto-responders, or email rules.

To log out, click the Logout button at the top right of the window.