As a manufacturer, you need a streamlined, hassle-free IT environment. You can’t afford to deal with orders falling through the cracks – or a faulty infrastructure that leads to costly downtime.

With managed IT services from Switchfast, you’ll have a partner who understands how manufacturers work and what they need to stay competitive. Whether it be protecting your network or supporting the tools you need for administration, finances or supply chain management, we never stop working to find new and better ways to help improve our clients’ productivity.

Our dedicated team of vCIOs, technicians and account managers are experts in:

  • Building and maintaining network infrastructures that eliminate redundancies and streamline processes
  • Cybersecurity, data protection and disaster recovery
  • Secure cloud computing
  • IT strategy and budgeting

Why Manufacturers Choose Switchfast To Manage Their IT


From supporting ERP systems to cloud migrations and onsite support, we have years of experience helping manufacturers optimize their IT systems so they’re operating at peak efficiency.

We understand the budgetary needs of small manufacturing companies. That’s why we offer predictable pricing so that you can manage all your expenses and avoid surprises.
To maintain efficiency and profitability, you need an IT team that moves fast. Switchfast is regularly staffed from 7am – 7pm, and provides 24/7 monitoring and support for emergency requests. You dictate the level of urgency for each request, which means your needs are always prioritized based on your timeline.
We recognize every manufacturer is different. You have your own software requirements, network setup and support needs that demand a customized approach. All Switchfast clients receive a dedicated team with a vCIO and technicians who know you, understand your business and are ready to help at a moment's notice.

Client Success

Switchfast In Action


Out of all our IT providers, Switchfast Technologies is the most proactive in handling the technologies we use.


If you would like to learn more about our process, or find answers to questions specific to your firm, contact Switchfast today. Together, we can help you determine exactly what our managed services will look like for you.

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