We Offer

  • Excellent problem solvers who love nothing more than helping people out
  • Proactive communication so you'll always know what's next
  • Small teams that specialize in specific industries, so your users will always be speaking to someone familiar with your company, your users, and your lingo
  • Several methods to contact support — including phone, email and our Switchfast support app
  • Members dedicated solely to recording, prioritizing, and scheduling work requests so that your users’ needs will always be handled appropriately
  • A team that is constantly innovating new ways to make the user and client experience better, and we welcome and encourage all of your feedback – there will always be someone to speak to
  • Rather than following predetermined response times for different categories of tasks, we allow our clients to dictate the urgency of their issues 
  • MaxPro® Secure, a suite of managed cybersecurity services built specifically for SMBs  

Proven Process

  • Provide your users with a remote help desk to solve their IT problems right in front of their eyes
  • Automatically apply software updates and patches to user computers during off hours
  • Manage regular online data backups so that those backups will always occur on time and be checked for reliability
  • Provide scheduled user software installation for end users
  • Dispatch technicians onsite to make installations or support hardware issues as needed
  • Provide emergency 24-hour IT support, based on your pre-determined set of conditions, permissions, and escalation procedures
Not sure which IT company is right for you? Use our Managed Service Provider Selection Worksheet to help you determine whether or not your current options line up with your needs.
Network Design, Implementation and Support

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