As architecture, engineering, design and build firms expand, increasingly complex processes and growing responsibilities require these organizations to use a wide range of software, from modeling programs to file sharing applications. Firms depend on these tools to work – and have more pressure than ever to keep up with modern approaches while protecting their data.

That's where we come in. With managed IT services from Switchfast, you have someone who knows your organization and your goals, understands how you work and is regularly working to find new ways to help you succeed. Our process-oriented experts in cybersecurity, network infrastructure, cloud computing and the full spectrum of IT provide the complete package, covering all your bases so that you can focus on running your business.

Why Firms Choose Switchfast To Manage Their IT


From our certified AutoDesk support to Adobe Creative Cloud and Quickbooks, Switchfast has years of experience working with firms to keep their tools up and running.


Every firm is different, from software requirements to network setup to support needs. Switchfast clients get a dedicated team with a vCIO and technicians who know your company and are ready to help at a moment's notice, without needing a refresher on your business.


We help you determine the long-term technology plan for your firm, identifying opportunities and challenges before they arise so that you always know what's next.


Busy firms can't afford to sit around waiting for help when their technology stops working. We always answer when you call, and we're ready to help with any issue from major network problems to software issues.

Client Success

Don't Let Cybercriminals Send Your Firm Back to the Drawing Board

Don't Let Cybercriminals Send Your Firm Back to the Drawing Board

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