As a small business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From attracting and retaining top talent at your organization, to finding new ways to stay competitive in the market, we get it. With all of these concerns, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your IT is in good hands.

Switchfast can help.

With managed IT services from Switchfast, you’ll have a partner who truly knows how small businesses operate and what they need to thrive. After all, we’ve been serving the small business community since 2001.

Our dedicated team of IT professionals are experts in:

  • Full managed services to handle all of your technology needs, including 24/7 monitoring and onsite support
  • IT consulting to help you proactively plan and budget as your business grows
  • Providing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions where downtime and loss of data severely affects profitability and brand reputation
  • Cybersecurity and employee security training services to keep your business safe and secure

Why Small Businesses Choose Switchfast To Help Them Grow


Your business is unique. You have your own specific needs, from software requirements to network setup and support. When partnering with Switchfast, you’ll be supported by an entire technology team, complete with 90+ industry certifications, over 300 years of industry experience and a dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Account Manager who know you and your business.


We understand the budgetary needs of the small business owner. That’s why we offer predictable pricing so that you can manage your expenses and avoid surprises


Switchfast constantly monitors the status of your business while helping you determine a long-term technology plan for your firm. We’ll identify opportunities and challenges before they arise so that you’ll always know what's next.


You can't afford to wait for help when your technology stops working. At Switchfast, we’re regularly staffed from 7am to 7pm and have 24/7 emergency support available, so we’re always ready to help with any IT issue you might be facing.

Client Success

Switchfast In Action


Out of all our IT providers, Switchfast Technologies is the most proactive in handling the technologies we use.


If you would like to learn more about our process, or find answers to questions specific to your firm, contact Switchfast today. Together, we can help you determine exactly what our managed services will look like for you.

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