If you’re worried that your company’s data is being illegally shared on the Dark Web, we can help.

At Switchfast, we want to keep companies informed if their information has made its way to the Dark Web and help them protect themselves against damage caused by cybercriminals who illegally use their data.

Our Dark Web Security Monitoring Services

We have the expertise and tools to run regular scans of the Dark Web. If we find your data has made its way to the Dark Web soon enough, we can help you take steps to mitigate the potential damage. 

Using both human and artificial intelligence, we scour botnets, criminal chat rooms, blogs, websites and bulletin boards, peer-to-peer networks, forums, private networks and other black-market sites to identify if your personally identifiable credentials are being shared.

Our comprehensive Dark Security Monitoring Services takes a multi-pronged approach to monitor and report on data found on the Dark Web while helping you reduce the opportunity for your credentials to be compromised, including:

Constant Dark Web monitoring
Real-time alerts when compromised data has been detected
Security awareness education
Password manager implementation
Multifactor authentication setup
Data leak prevention
Vulnerability and patch management
Logging and reporting to help track and triage incidents
dark web security monitoring services

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