Switchfast has been designing and implementing cloud solutions for Chicago's small businesses since 2001. Clients rely on our expertise to assess their options and, if the cloud aligns with their objectives, recommend solutions and ensure a smooth cloud integration.

Our Proven Process

  • Assess your company’s needs and budget and design a customized cloud solution to meet your goals for efficiency, cost and scalability
  • Seamlessly transfer data and functionality from local hardware to cloud hardware, minimizing downtime and ensuring protection against data loss
  • Provide remote support via remote help desk, with 24-hour emergency service available
  • Provide remote or onsite training for end users in any new cloud applications you may implement, minimizing the learning curve that always comes with change
  • Continually remain on the lookout for newer, more cost-effective ways to meet your needs

Searching for the right cloud provider can be a daunting task; to help separate the truth from the marketing, click the image to take a look at our 7 questions to ask potential cloud providers.

We Are Cloud Strategists

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