Eastlake Studio is a Chicago-based architecture and interior design firm focused on creating great places to work, play and live. Their portfolio includes such high-profile projects as Pandora’s new home in Prudential Plaza, which was recognized as Crain’s Chicago’s “Coolest Office” of 2016.

Ready for their own equally remarkable office, Eastlake came to Switchfast Technologies to facilitate their move, citing Switchfast’s process, price and experience as vital for a successful transition.

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Breaking the Molding

Breaking the Molding

After 30 years in Chicago’s Tribune Towner, Eastlake Studio was planning to move to a new location on Michigan Avenue. The studio was also looking to reallocate resources they were spending on internal IT management to other areas of the business, so they hired Switchfast Technologies as their managed service provider.

The project included setting up a new network infrastructure, switches, access points, installing an upgraded file server as well as an updated firewall. This firewall needed to manage devices for 20+ employees who require access to the studio server via secure VPN, both on-site and remotely.

"Eastlake needed everything behind the scenes, from their phone system, their network infrastructure and internet service provider and then actually coordinating the move between spaces and making sure they didn't have any down time."

Trevor Shaffer –Trevor Shaffer, vCIO Switchfast Technologies


The move would not be easy. The project involved finding new vendors for internet and phones, in addition to purchasing hardware and configuring it all on-site while construction was occurring. With so many moving pieces, there was a risk of extended downtime for Eastlake if things didn't go smoothly.

To keep things on track, Eastlake relied on Switchfast to proactively create the moving plan and budget, manage the various components of the project, acquire the necessary equipment and services and be flexible enough to help with any urgent requests or issues.

"There are hurdles with any project, especially when construction of a new space is involved, so having the comfort to know that the IT side of things is being taken care of by professionals was very good."

–Kevin Kamien, Chief Architect & Principal

The Blueprint for Success

As an established company, Eastlake Studio saw an opportunity to make sweeping upgrades within a limited operational window. They sought to improve their network strength and security while limiting the network downtime. Most importantly, they partnered with Switchfast for help strategizing a build that would not only streamline organizational output for their current business needs, but also to create an IT ecosystem that was uniquely designed for their future business needs.

From the start, Switchfast assigned a dedicated account manager to provide Eastlake Studio with helpful information, detailing the material requirements that needed to be ordered. From there, Switchfast helped organize delivery schedules, coordinating with construction workers and cable providers to ensure Eastlake would meet their moving deadline.

"We're hoping the transition goes smoothly so we have the least amount of lost business and 'downtime' as possible. As a small business, any outage hurts our efficiency and thus, our bottom line."

–Kevin Kamien, Chief Architect & Principal

A Trusted Cornerstone

As Eastlake settles into their new office, Switchfast is continuing to provide ongoing network and security support.
"The project management and technical teams helped us budget a couple of tiered options that allowed us to make some educated decisions on how to best invest in our network up-front and long-term."

–Kevin Kamien, Chief Architect & Principal

On December 17, 2017, the employees of Eastlake Studio completed their migration to their new office. They arrived to the silent hum of swift network speeds and a secure network which is under the watchful eye of Switchfast Technologies.

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