Low-income families often lack basic dental care.
One business is looking to change that.

The company, which manages multiple dental clinics around the country, has made providing dental care for low-income families their mission. Through a variety of IT infrastructure improvements, they have successfully grown and improved their ability to provide this important service.

Growth and Expansion

After first being founded as a practice in the early 2000’s with only one physical location, today this business controls over 60 dental clinics across 11 states, while employing over 1,300 people dedicated to providing the best possible dental care for their patients.

A key way they’ve been able to provide this care is by investing in their technology infrastructure. As a healthcare provider, HIPAA compliance is of the upmost importance. Failure to follow these strict guidelines could result in massive fines that would substantially impair their ability to serve their clientele.

With guidance from Switchfast, the company invested in full encryption of their medical records and security improvements, ensuring their patients’ records are safe and protected. They also underwent an overall IT refresh, which included network and service infrastructure improvements in all their clinics.

Reinvesting in Care

Reinvesting in Care

Ultimately, these investments led to technology costs going down by a whopping 18%, allowing the clinics to invest more funds into improving and growing their service to help more patients in need.

For a business serving lower income clients, any reduction of costs makes a big difference. Keeping operating costs low and reducing overhead allows them to continue providing the affordable services their patients depend on.

By prioritizing smart IT improvements to improve security and lower costs, Switchfast helped this group of dental clinics achieve their mission of providing individuals in need with access to the dental care they deserve.

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