Acquirent is a business that provides outsourced sales solutions for companies who lack the ability to maintain their own salesforce or want to simply beef up their existing sales efforts.

In other words, their clients come to them for assistance in growing their business. And to meet their clients’ needs, Acquirent has invested in technology to continuing growing themselves.

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From the Default IT Guy to A Fully Outsourced IT Department

Since opening their doors in 2004 with only a handful of employees, Acquirent has undergone notable growth to be where they are today, with over 100 employees and clients in several industries.

Naturally, their approach to technology has evolved since 2004 as well. According to Geoff Winthrop, Executive Vice President at Acquirent:

Before working for this company, I sold computer software for a living; that made me the IT guy here. As we began to grow, my limited knowledge and experience put me over my skis, so to speak. We hired some IT specialists on a moonlighting basis. Eventually, we realized that we needed a more professional firm with fulltime experts instead of a jack of all trades. Switchfast Technologies had these core competencies, so we gave them our business.”

"They've gone over-and-above in order to make sure that we didn't miss a beat."

Geoff Winthrop – Geoff Winthrop, Acquirent, Executive Vice President

Structuring for Success

As a rapidly growing business, Acquirent needs another eye constantly watching out for their IT security, while also providing the long‐term planning that will allow them to continue their growth trajectory.

To accomplish this, Switchfast serves as Acquirent’s complete IT department. Along with active management of servers and phones and help desk support, Acquirent has also leveraged Switchfast’s expertise to restructure their office and address the needs of new employees. This includes everything from updating wiring to installing new hardware and managing their wireless contract.

Of course, along the way, there have been technology hiccups, but Acquirent has overcome these hiccups by relying on fast, responsive IT support. “During the summer, the air conditioning went out in the building and the server room overheated,” said Winthrop. “If this had happened with our previous company, I would have walked in on Monday to hours of downtime. Switchfast Technologies called me on a Saturday, telling me that someone needed to be sent down to the server room.”

Beyond using Switchfast for troubleshooting, Acquirent benefits from proactive service and consulting.

Switchfast Technologies is more proactive and we love it. They reviewed the number of tickets we've issued, the status of our network, and our overall roadmap. They've upgraded our Microsoft Office environment, end‐of‐life switches, and so on within ample time. Our business is quite unique and Switchfast Technologies was creative enough to come up with a good solution for our needs.”

Structuring for Success

Businesses grow. Plans change.

Switchfast and Acquirent prove that by working together, growing pains don’t have to be so painful.

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