About the Technology Checklist

This guide is meant to help small business owners who are preparing to move into a new office navigate the complicated and often stressful process of relocation.

Moving your business into a new office space is often both an exciting and stressful transition. Some surprises and setbacks may be unavoidable, but strong planning beforehand can help you avoid major missteps.

At Switchfast, we have plenty of experience managing the technology needs of small businesses getting set up at new office. The checklist here was created to help you get prepared to move forward with your new office setup or relocation.

We hope you find this a useful reference to help you stay organized and make your move more exciting and less stressful!

Securing the New Office Space

Of course, you’ll need to secure the office space before you start setting up – so if you haven’t identified your location yet, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. What's your budget?
  2. Based on the size of the business, expected growth and onsite equipment, what square footage will be required? How much onsite server room is needed?
  3. Contact your Internet service provider, tell them you are moving and discuss service options at new location. Will this meet the needs of your business?

IT Consultation: What Experience is Important?

When meeting with your IT staff to discuss your new office setup, ensure that all required services will be managed by experienced and certified techs. Make sure the staff has experience in the following areas as applicable:

  • Software and hardware purchasing
  • Cable installation and setup of network system and infrastructure
  • Deployment of desktop equipment and installation of PC’s, printers, fax machines, phones and other equipment
  • Data migration
  • Internet and email setup
  • Virus, firewall and other security setup
  • Data protection, back-up and recovery planning
  • VPN setup

Planning for the Move

Once the office space has been secured, work with your IT staff to ensure all technology-related tasks have been planned, delegated and given a due date. This can include the following tasks:

Pre-Move Checklist

  • Notify internet service provider 90 days before the move
  • Contact riser management to extend high rise services if needed
  • Review floor plan and schedule buildout work as needed
  • Schedule onsite visit with engineer to determine cabling, wireless and server room needs
  • Identify locations for workstations, servers, printers and other hardware
  • If relocating, evaluate phone system and determine if upgrade is warranted
  • Define telecom equipment needs and location and consider impact of move on email, VPN etc.
  • Schedule cabling and workstation assembly
  • Schedule move date(s) to avoid downtime (i.e. Friday night move over the weekend to avoid disruption during normal business hours)
  • Line up dedicated power, dedicated HVAC, locks and security system
  • Line up IT and moving resources

Moving In

Once your move has been scheduled and resources lined up, it’s time to build the environment, test and upgrade as needed. This can include:

  • Complete build-out work if needed
  • Set up or modify network for new printers, workstations and other hardware
  • Complete cabling
  • Test printers
  • Install workstations and furniture
  • Upgrade phone software as needed
  • Install and test new workstations, phones, VOIP, VPN, security software, printers and other hardware

Are You Ready to Move Into Your New Office?

Every office move is different and comes with its own challenges. The process can often come with some unforeseen hurdles, but by planning for your new office setup or relocation in advance, you’re more likely to have a smooth, seamless transition and avoid downtime as you settle in.