How Switchfast is Responding

Switchfast has adjusted our operations to ensure that we can continue to deliver on our Mission of Extraordinary Service successfully in the wake of Governor Pritzker’s 3/20 “Stay-At-Home” order. We are taking the greatest possible care to protect our staff, our customers and our community from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, while doing our part to ensure the economic impact of this crisis is minimized.

The bottom line is that our staff will continue to do their part to help our clients be productive remotely or otherwise. In order to safely fulfill our mission, we are following the guidance from of state and local government and public health officials at the WHO and CDC.

These protocols have been in place since 3/13 and should not present any new obstacles to our service delivery:

  • Switchfast staff continues to operate under a general work-from-home order.

  • Regularly scheduled, recurring onsite visits remain suspended indefinitely. 

  • Onsite meetings with vCIOs remain suspended indefinitely.

  • Issues/requests/projects requiring an onsite visit by our technical staff for resolution or completion are being referred to Switchfast Executive Management, who will evaluate these on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we are balancing the safety of everyone and business need.

  • We are prioritizing issues/requests/projects that impact any client’s business operational continuity.

These are new adjustments to how we approach certain service delivery items:

  • We will be staging new user equipment at our office, performing as much of the setup as possible, then arranging to have the equipment delivered to the target users’ locations, at which point the setup will be finalized remotely. Shipments will include instructions for making the new equipment accessible to our staff and contacting us to complete the setup.

  • Any onsite work by our staff for the time being requires that you do the following as soon as you are aware of a change to a respective status:
    • Notify us if there is potential for exposure to the novel coronavirus: Please contact your vCIO or Account Service Representative if anyone in your office has recently felt ill or has tested positive for the virus or has been in close contact with anyone who has.
    • Give us space as a precaution: Please understand that our technicians have been asked to avoid physical contact and close proximity, so please do not be offended if we don’t shake hands or stand at a normal distance. Additionally, please help us limit any contact between your staff and our technicians to more than six feet distance and to only those staff members needed to resolve an issue.
    • Provide a clean environment: Please sanitize and otherwise clean the service area prior to our arrival so we can reduce the risk of infection. This includes any doorknobs or fixtures expected to be touched during the course of our visit. Also, please let us know if there have been disruptions to your normal office cleaning schedule.

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