The Switchfast Client Feedback Word Cloud

The Switchfast Client Feedback Word Cloud


Obtaining feedback from our clients is an essential part of our evaluation process. While we strive to provide the best possible service, you can only improve by taking an honest look at what your clients have to say about you. 

Which is why we’re happy to report that after evaluating all of our 2018 Google Reviews, CSAT Surveys and NPS Responses — a total of 1,465 reviews or responses — the feedback has blown us away. 

 We’ve built a word cloud which contains the six most frequently used words:

The Switchfast Client Feedback Word Cloud

The top words in there break down to the following number of mentions:

  • Thanks — 312 times
  • Helpful — 252 times
  • Great — 131 times
  • Always — 108 times
  • Service — 107 times
  • Quick — 80 times

From everyone here at Switchfast, we’d like to give our sincerest thanks for such positive feedback. Seeing how much our work is appreciated and valued by our client only energizes to reach higher and do better in the year ahead. 

If you’d like to discuss how we might be able to help your small to mid-sized business with award winning IT Managed Services, let’s schedule 15 mins to explore.