Switchfast’s 2nd Annual Community Blood Drive

Switchfast’s 2nd Annual Community Blood Drive

On November 9th, Switchfast opened our doors to invite friends and neighbors in the Ravenswood Corridor to our 2nd Annual Community Blood Drive. Partnering with Vitalant (previously known as Lifesource), we gathered 34 brave donors to provide aid for Chicagoans in need. Since each donation helps to save three lives, our efforts will help save 102 patients in our community.

Vitalant’s mission is to help people realize their life-transforming potential and give people the resources needed to help their communities. Founded in 1943, Vitalant is one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit transfusion medicine organizations. Combining a rich history and the community legacies of nearly a dozen blood centers across the nation, Vitalant transforms lives coast-to-coast.

Scared of needles? 

Did you know:

  • Someone needs blood every two seconds?
  • Fewer than 3% of eligible donors in Chicago give blood regularly
  • Every donation of whole blood (the most common kind) can save the lives of three people
  • Donating blood doesn’t hurt

While donation events such as ours provide an easy opportunity for us to make a difference, blood donations are available daily across the city. Whether you’re a new or returning donor, you can create a profile with Vitalant to schedule appointments in your area.

Thanks to all our donors:

Christopher Thele, Kayla Johnson, Lee Villacreses, Craig Hasselberger, Craig Gettelman, Patrick Moran, Courtney Matula, James Anderson, Jill Wilson, JJ Mehren, Andrea Ruggles, Jonathan Kaufman, Kylie Cyr, Krista Chambers, Sara Costello, TJ Pusateri, Will Moritz, Rebecca Lecey, De Blenniss, Kelly Greene, Trevor Shaffer, Ashley Brasch, Justin Newton, Daniel Puraleski, Jason Simon, Tim Schmitt, Brian O’Neill, Joseph Paneral and Isaac Kagan.