Office Moves - Don't Forget Your IT Support

Office Moves - Don't Forget Your IT Support

Failing to consult IT support before relocating your office is one of the most common and potentially disastrous mistakes a small business can make. Your company relies on technology to operate on a daily basis and when that technology doesn't work properly, the consequences can be traumatic. 

This sentiment rings especially true when considering all of the other tasks involved in getting your business functioning properly at a new location. Feel free to use the checklist below to help you stay organized. Download our comprehensive, print-friendly moving checklist here!

Planning Ahead

So you've located and secured a new space, when should you consult IT support? Though it's never to late, it's also never to early. For efficiency's sake, it's generally advised that you begin plans with your IT specialists somewhere between 1 month and 1 week prior to moving in. Upon inspecting your new space and equipment, your IT specialist will make certain that your business has everything it needs to move forward effectively and locate any potential problems before they arise.

Is it Time to Update?

Are your computers modern? Does the company website need a makeover? Changing locations is an ideal time to review the quality of your technology and the image of your company. Maybe it won't be absolutely necessary to pack up all those dusty old computers if they're keeping you from being competitive in the first place. This is also the perfect opportunity to consider a Technology and Security Audit, guaranteeing that your systems are secure and your technology infrastructure meets industry standards.

Success on Day One

The single most important benefit to having IT support involved in your company's relocation process: having everything up and running before a single employee arrives for work on day one. You can rest assured that there will be no downtime, no technology related communication problems between you and your clients, and (most importantly) zero loss of productivity.

If your company is currently relocating, don't ignore the importance of IT support at this imperative time. Switchfast can substantially reduce the stress associated with your move and effectively eliminate the threat of downtime and productivity loss. Feel free to contact us at (773) 241-3007.

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