New Report Sheds Light on Recent Ransomware Threats to Small Businesses

New Report Sheds Light on Recent Ransomware Threats to Small Businesses

By now, you’ve surely heard of ransomware and its devastating business implications. Having to decide between losing your company’s data or paying criminals to regain access to it isn’t a position any business should ever be put in. 

Regrettably, businesses face this predicament all too often. In fact, 97% of IT service providers believe that ransomware attacks on small businesses are becoming more frequent, a trend that will continue over the next two years. 

The growing trend is frightening for small businesses who can’t afford to lose their data or pay a steep ransom. The threat of falling victim to malware is undeniable, as 9 out of 10 managed service providers report recent attacks amongst their small business clients.

What can small businesses do to prevent a ransomware attack on their business?

First, recognize that ransomware is a real threat that only requires one successful security breach to significantly hurt or cripple your business.

Next, you can download Datto’s new ransomware report. The report shares the most recent insights into ransomware and provides the information necessary to create a strong defense for your business.

Read the report to learn:

  • The most common forms of ransomware
  • The industries and systems most targeted by ransomware
  • Critical solutions necessary to ensure recovery and continuity in the face of this growing threat 

Click the link below to download the report and protect your business from a future ransomware crisis.

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