Disaster Recovery Lunch and Learn – Event Recap

Disaster Recovery Lunch and Learn – Event Recap

“Luck favors the prepared mind (and business),” said Tim Schmitt, Switchfast’s Director of Sales and Marketing, at the opening of our Lunch and Learn event with a special presenter from Datto.

Held on Thursday, February 9 at AceBounce in the Loop, the event educated small businesses on how to better protect themselves from cyberattacks. Presenters, including Switchfast CTO Nikolai Vargas (click here for a webinar on cybersecurity featuring Nikolai) and Michael DePalma from Datto, discussed a variety of cybersecurity threats and issues, from ransomware to disaster recovery strategy. 

Speaking on behalf of Datto ­– a leading disaster recovery solution provider – DePalma discussed the intricacies of their approach to disaster recovery software and ransomware detection, which examines businesses’ hourly backups, sifting through information to identify ransomware footprints. This, he said, was of great importance, as “ransomware costs small and midsized businesses $60 billion a year.”

As an expert in ransomware attack remediation, DePalma stressed that businesses need to “have multiple copies of your data in multiple geographic locations,” rather than one central location, to avoid completely losing this information. This means your data should also be held outside of the area your headquarters is located in. Imagine a serious disaster struck your area, for example. If the entire area was affected, you could lose the data internally along with your backup.

DePalma also emphasized that just having your data outside of the four walls of your business isn’t enough. Businesses should instead play it safe by having data in multiple locations in case of a severe disaster.

Before he finished, DePalma ran through a demo of Datto’s disaster recovery solution. The Lunch and Learn ended with a raffle for two tickets to see Hamilton, gift certificates to AceBounce and access to a free online training portal for employees.  

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