CTO Talks Threats [Podcast]

CTO Talks Threats [Podcast]

As CTO and VP of Client Services of Switchfast Technologies, Nik Vargas is responsible for everything from optimizing the ideal technology and security stack for clients to data analysis and improving customer experiences.

When he finds a moment, he is also passionate about educating others about trends and security measures available to prevent and fight against cyber threats. That’s why the folks at BiometricNews.net were happy to invite him to speak on their podcast, Cyber Security News.

Nik sat down with the show’s host, Ravi Das, to discuss how the cybersecurity landscape has changed in his time at Switchfast, the most common threats to small businesses and how organizations can protect themselves.

Listen to the full interview here.


Interview Highlights

In his early days learning about MSP services, Nik encountered less-than-friendly customer service representatives and discovered firsthand the importance of being nice to your customers. He also came to understand and appreciate the value of using jargon-free language and offering helpful solutions that came to shape Switchfast’s philosophy of client-driven service.

As the two chat, the topics jump from Nik’s history in the field and how he’s adapted as a securities professional to tackle new technologies and threats, the conversation eventually turns to small business owners.

With the vast amount of technology and security systems available, the average business owner has a lot of information to decode before they make decisions about the future of their business. Nik shares his philosophies of simplicity and suggests that the best place for any business owner to start may be to conduct an internal audit.

According to Nik:

“Before you reach out to a security assessor or managed security providers, get your house in order. Catalogue your operating systems, purge old user accounts, remove antiquated servers, perform a patching audit (if you have one) and then reach out for help. From there it’s a question of how far you want to go.”

Throughout the conversation, Nik’s value and appreciation for client relationships thread through his explanation of the industry trends and reveal just how integral they are to Switchfast’s methodology for addressing security and managed services with our clients.

Talk shifts to discuss the Internet of Things (IoT). As the market grows to address the IoT equipment, and how to join devices, Switchfast aims to keep the business environment as pristine as possible.

If clients want to bring an IoT device into the office, Switchfast opts to keep them on a non-business network, but also stands to add them to a complete security audit and protect the accounts for multi-factor authentication.

Many small business owners don’t realize that devices such as a local printer can communicate with your network, and thus are a potential risk for business security. While IoT planning is more nuanced, the same security protocols hold true and service contracts remain a solid component to any security plan along with an internal vulnerability scan.

The show culminates in a fascinating discussion about company C-suites and their roles and accountability for security protocols. Today, expectations for team members at all levels are at an all-time high and the way businesses approach cyber security is transforming to ensure security is a priority at all levels.