Building a Cyber-Secure Business [Infographic]

Building a Cyber-Secure Business [Infographic]

What steps are you taking to keep your business completely cyber-secure? Online threats are growing at an exponential rate, and you need to be ready to combat whatever new attack surfaces next. 

According to recent studies, “60% of cyber-attacks hit small and medium-sized businesses, and 60% of businesses who suffer a breach go out of business within 6 months.”

As you plan how to keep your data safe, we recommend thinking about your business as a castle. By taking a multi-layered defense in depth strategy, you can ensure your castle is secure and your risk is minimized.


Want more cybersecurity advice? Join our free cybersecurity webinar tomorrow, August 3, at 11am CST, hosted by Switchfast CTO Nikolai Vargas. Nikolai will touch on important tactics and methods for ensuring your business is protected from cyber criminals.

* The Cybersecurity webinar has now passed. Click here to watch the webinar or read the highlights. Check back for future webinar announcements!

Written by Tyler Smith