Bing’s Search Results Will Help You Better Avoid Harmful Websites

Bing’s Search Results Will Help You Better Avoid Harmful Websites

The second most popular search engine is stepping up its security game.

These days, the more secure the websites we visit are, the better. To accommodate an increased need for safe web browsing, companies have been busy adding security features to their products. Today, Microsoft announced that its search engine, Bing, will be adding more useful information to the security warnings that appear before you enter potentially harmful websites.

Do Bing’s updated warnings up the ante of search engine security?

Detailed Warnings

As you already know, the Internet is riddled with malicious websites. Search engines will often try to protect their users by providing a brief warning if they are about to enter a virus-ridden page. Usually, these warnings state that the website is potentially harmful, but lacks specifics about what is lurking beneath the surface. Microsoft has decided to swap this vague warning with something more informative.

Bing search results will now communicate the exact threats that a specific web address poses to a visitor’s computer. For example, the warnings will detail if the web address is a phishing site and how the site might trick visitors into sharing their private information.

To further alert users, the warnings will explain if the site is linking to a malicious website or will harm a visitor’s computer immediately upon opening the page. Microsoft’s announcement provides an example of what this warning will look like: 

BingWarn.png(Image courtesy of Microsoft)

It isn’t only Bing visitors who will be notified about threats stemming from specific websites: webmasters will be notified about malicious content and links on their website through the Bing dashboard where they manage their listing. Once the website owners correct the issue, they can resubmit their website to have its security status reevaluated by Microsoft.

Lowering Risks

The new warnings will help discourage users from taking the risk associated with entering a harmful website. That isn’t to say that Bing won’t allow users to make the mistake: they will, of course, still be allowed to enter a website at their own discretion.

Bing’s detailed security warnings are a step in the right direction for search engines. The warnings will hopefully save many users from the headaches of a security breach. We also applaud efforts to bring clear notifications to webmasters; this step may help pave the way for an Internet with fewer websites unintentionally sharing harmful links.

Does Bing’s latest update have your search engine loyalties in question? Let us know in the comments!