Your size
10 - 100 employees
Your location
Based in the Chicagoland area
Your culture
We look to work with organizations that have a positive, forward-thinking culture. Our best clients understand the value that IT plays in their organization’s success. As a result, they see IT as an investment rather than another cost affecting the bottom line.
If you’re a good fit for Switchfast, you’re more than just the IT point of contact; you’re an IT advocate. You’re savvy, naturally helpful, and you recognize that an IT partner with the expertise to strategically plan and budget can make a powerful, positive impact on your organization.

Just as it matters who we are and how we serve you, it matters who you are and that we work well together – that’s what separates a winning relationship from a bad one.

If the profile above sounds like you and your organization, give us a call at 773.241.3007 to discuss how we can build a long-lasting partnership together. If you’re looking for a specific technology solution, visit our services page for more information. 

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