Your Company's Size

Your company has between 10 - 200 employees.

Your Company's Location

You are based within 60 miles of Chicago.

Do you have remote offices or workers in other states or countries? No problem, our global network of IT Professionals can support your small to mid-sized business anywhere in the World.

Your Company's Culture

We look to work with organizations that have a positive, forward-thinking culture. Our best clients understand the value that IT plays in their organization’s success. As a result, they see IT as an investment rather than another cost affecting the bottom line.

Your Approach to IT and Partnerships

If you’re a good fit for Switchfast, you’re more than just the IT point of contact; you’re an IT advocate. You’re savvy, naturally helpful, and you recognize that an IT partner with the expertise to strategically plan and budget can make a powerful, positive impact on your organization.

Just as it matters who we are and how we serve you, it matters who you are and that we work well together – that’s what separates a winning relationship from a bad one.

If the profile above sounds like you and your organization, give us a call at 773.241.3007 to discuss how we can build a long-lasting partnership together. If you’re looking for a specific technology solution, visit our services page for more information.


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